How is your 2023 going? If you’re like 41 percent of America, you made at least one New Year’s resolution.

Without question, the start of a new year is perfect for getting things in your life that you want to change in order. Yet, only nine percent of people actually keep their resolutions. In fact, by around January 19th, most people have kicked their resolutions to the proverbial curb.

Could it be possible that CBD (cannabidiol) could be the support your new year needs to stay on track? Check out some of the top resolutions people make when January 1st rolls around and how the benefits of CBD could fit right in with those plans.

Get Your Sleep Schedule on the Right Track

Tired of not getting enough sleep? Thanks to modern research efforts, the importance of getting good sleep and enough of it are well understood. So much so, that a lot of people make it a resolution to get their sleep schedules on track at the start of a new year. Unfortunately, about a third of adults don’t get the much-needed seven hours of sleep per night.

If this particular resolution made your list, something like CBD capsules with melatonin could help. Several studies have found that CBD may help with sleep induction and sleep quality. So, scheduling a dose of CBD every night before bed may be just the support you need to make sure you get better sleep for the night.

Better Sleep with CBD

Take Better Care of Your Mental Health

For 2023, the top resolution among one polled group of people was to improve their mental health. If you happen to have intentions of focusing more on your mental health personally in the coming year, CBD could possibly help. Animal studies have found in recent years that cannabidiol may offer properties that help with mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

Beyond the research, numerous anecdotal reports exist of people taking CBD gummies or CBD oil to help with stress. For example, you may consider taking a Nirvana CBD Gummy when you are facing an especially stressful day at work or when you’re just having an “off” day and feeling a little more blue than usual. The effects are often described as soothing or giving you an added sense of chill, which can definitely make it easier to navigate some of the challenges of day-to-day life.

Better Mental Health - CBD for 2023

Spend More Time Focused on Fitness

Improved fitness, improved diet, and losing weight always make the top of the list where New Year’s resolutions are concerned. But these two resolutions are also most likely to be disregarded after a few weeks. The simple fact is, lifestyle changes like moving more, counting calories, and hitting the gym can be tough, but the benefits of CBD may even be valuable here.

There is a growing number of athletes and bodybuilders that count on CBD oil and other products for different reasons. Some appreciate CBD’s antioxidant qualities, which may help with recovery and fatigue after a grueling workout. Others rely on CBD capsules and products to help with pain, as cannabidiol is recognized for analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Promote Better Health - CBD for 2023

Pin Down Your Time Management Efforts

Managing time better or better balancing work and life are common resolutions. In fact, around 82 percent of people say they struggle to manage their time successfully. As odd as it may sound, CBD may help with time management.

Between work, family obligations, and other responsibilities, modern life gets really busy. Sometimes, things can get so hectic that it is difficult to focus on the task at hand because you’re already thinking about the remaining list of daily objectives. One way CBD may help with time management is by supporting focus. While the research into using CBD for focus is lacking, the firsthand reports of people doing just that are not. For example, one customer who purchased Nirvana’s Vanilla CBD Oil stated:

“… The effect is subtle, but I seem to have more energy after using it. I also seem to be able to focus better on whatever I’m doing…”

Welcome 2023 with Nirvana CBD

Set Up Your New Year for Success with a Little CBD Support

Happy New Year from all of us here at Nirvana! We’re proud to step into the new year with you and give you access to high-quality CBD products. From CBD gummies and CBD oil to CBD capsules and topicals, we provide a full collection of CBD in a form that works with your daily regimen. Be sure to take a look at our full collection of broad-spectrum CBD products to set up your new year for success.