Follow an off-beat schedule? You’ve got a lot of fellow night owls out there in the same moonlit-guided boat. Some of the latest research says that about 2 in 5 workers in the US work nights, evenings, and shift rotations that swing back and forth. This doesn’t count the people that simply prefer to sleep during the day, work aside. Question is, could something like CBD capsules be good for night owls?

Whether you’re simply a nyctophile that prefers dark to day or a shift worker that spends the night manning the phones, the back office, or the grill at a fast food eatery, CBD may have something to offer. Let’s take a look at some unique ways the cannabinoid CBD serves up support when most of your waking hours take place after the sun goes down.

First, Is Being a Night Owl a Bad Thing?

Yes and no. There have been a lot of studies on how sleeping during the day and staying awake at night can affect your health, and some shed some pretty serious shade on graveyard-shifting. Working at night could potentially put you at higher risk of:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Slow reflexes
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Moodiness
  • Heart disease

CBD Benefits Night Owls - What it is about

Of course, the biggest reason working at night elevates this risk is the fact that night people also tend to not get enough sleep. Because everything else is happening during the day, it’s easy to forgo sleep even though you need it to run errands, take care of your family, or take care of daytime-only appointments. The disruption of the natural circadian rhythm (which encourages the body to be awake during daylight) may also be to blame.

It is important to note that being a third-shifter with healthy sleep habits may make all the difference in whether working all night affects you negatively.

Benefits of CBD for Night Owls

Should you make CBD part of your all-nighter routines? Possibly. Check out some ways the benefits of CBD could be especially valuable for night owls who may not always get enough sleep.

Regulate Your Sleep Cycle

Anyone who has ever worked the third shift will tell you that adjusting to the wake/sleep cycle change can be all-out brutal. Your body naturally wants to sleep at night—most people feel the sleepiest between 2 and 4 am but start getting tired much sooner than that. On the same note, it can be really hard to fall asleep during the day when your body is sending all the signals that you should be awake. CBD may be valuable here, especially during transitional periods when you’re trying to get your sleep schedule regulated. CBD has been shown to potentially help you fall asleep by encouraging a more relaxed state.

CBD Benefits Night Owls - Regulate Sleep Cycle

Deter Aches and Pains

Studies have shown that night-shift hours can be linked to heightened pain perception. In other words, any pain and discomfort you have may be heightened if you’re a night owl, especially if you’re not getting enough sleep. CBD has been shown to help with certain types of bodily discomfort. The mechanisms for why or how CBD helps with pain are not entirely clear, but the cannabinoid does offer both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. And, some researchers speculate that cannabinoids alter pain perception.

Support Mental Focus

As noted above, experts say that night workers tend to struggle with fatigue and lack of focus. One reason a lot of people take CBD is that it may help support mental focus and clarity. While formal research into the idea is lacking, there have been a few studies that show CBD may offer wake-promoting effects. So, if you’re feeling pretty sluggish and the brain fog’s creeping in, taking CBD gummies, CBD oil, or CBD capsules may help.

CBD Benefits Night Owls - Focus

Bust a Bleak Mood

Lack of sunlight exposure can be a big problem when you sleep most of the day, which can lead to a pretty bleak, depressed feeling. Pair this with missing out on typical social schedules with the fam and possibly lack of sleep, and your mood can hit a major decline. CBD oil may be something to look into if you struggle with general moodiness because of your out-of-the-ordinary wake-sleep schedule. Some research has found cannabidiol to affect neurotransmitters that give your low mood a boost.

Are You a Night Owl on a Search for High-Quality THC?

At the end of the day (… or night?) CBD shows promise for the nocturnal human, whether that’s by choice or a fact of life as an employee. Looking for a high-quality CBD product with no THC involved? Be sure to check out our full collection of CBD gummies, CBD capsules, CBD oil, and more at Nirvana, all of which are broad-spectrum, COA-verified, and made with you in mind.

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