Nirvana CBD actively seeks out and partners with the best athletes to help them achieve their goals – both in their sport and in life. Check out our sponsored athlete spotlight below. 

Nirvana CBD Sponsored Athlete


Pro Mountain Bike/Pro BMX

Why do you use Nirvana CBD: “I use Nirvana CBD after a long day of riding and training to help with recovery and sleep. If I have a bad crash Nirvana is my go to, to help with swelling or to just unwind. I usually start my day off with one of the Nirvana Gummies to keep focused and unwind.

Nirvana CBD Sponsored Athlete


Pro BMX/Team USA

Why do you use Nirvana CBD: “I use Nirvana CBD for joint health. It has done wonders for the health of my left knee that I had ACL reconstruction in 2009. I am a big fan of this technology.”

Interested in Sponsorship?

Nirvana CBD sponsors elite athletes in a variety of sports. If you’re a leader in your sport and looking for a sponsor, click below and contact us. Who knows, we might add you to Team Nirvana.