Nirvana CBD actively seeks out and partners with the best athletes to help them achieve their goals – both in their sport and in life. Check out our sponsored athlete spotlight below. 

Nirvana CBD Sponsored Athlete


Pro Mountain Bike/Pro BMX

Why do you use Nirvana CBD: “I use Nirvana CBD after a long day of riding and training to help with recovery and sleep. If I have a bad crash Nirvana is my go to, to help with swelling or to just unwind. I usually start my day off with one of the Nirvana Gummies to keep focused and unwind.”

Nirvana CBD Sponsored Athlete


Amateur Muay Thai Fighter | 2019 IKF World Champion

Why do you use Nirvana CBD: “Nirvana CBD helps me with the recovery process so I can train hard the next day. It also allows me to have a clear mind and focus on my daily tasks.”

Nirvana CBD Sponsored Athlete

Jon Yoshihiro

Professional Golfer Why do you use Nirvana CBD: “I am a professional golfer aspiring to be on the PGA Tour. In 2019 I gained conditional status on the Mackenzie Tour (PGA Tour Canada) CBD has helped me on and off the course. It helps keep me focused and relaxed while competing and helps with recovery after long training days.”
Nirvana CBD Sponsored Athlete


Pro BMX/Team USA

Why do you use Nirvana CBD: “I use Nirvana CBD for joint health. It has done wonders for the health of my left knee that I had ACL reconstruction in 2009. I am a big fan of this technology.”

Nirvana CBD Sponsored Athlete

Mattie Nelms

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Why do you use Nirvana CBD: “Up until about a year ago I wasn’t sold on the physical and psychological benefits of CBD. Since discovering the power of CBD through Nirvana’s products, I am able to alleviate myself from stressors such as anxiety and exercise induced muscle and joint pain. As a professional bodybuilder, recovery is paramount, and Nirvana has fundamentally changed my approach to recovery and repair.”
Nirvana CBD Sponsored Athlete


GNCC Rider

Why do you use Nirvana CBD: “Nirvana CBD has helped my tremendously. It helps me stay relaxed preparing for a race. The biggest benefit is helping me recover from 2 hour long races. It helps keep me rested, recovered, and ready to race!”

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