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Job Number:         19-009812

Report Number:   19-009812-00

Report Date:         08/22/2019

ORELAP#:             OR100028

Purchase Order:

Received:               08/15/19 10:54

This report cannot be used for ODA, OHA or OLCC compliance requirements.

Product Identity: Tincture 1000mg Vanilla

Laboratory ID: 19-009812-0002

Client/Metric ID:

Sample Date:



(Report in milligrams per serving)


Customer:                       Nirvana CBD

Product identity:            Tincture 1000mg Vanilla

Client/Metric ID:

Sample Date:

Laboratory ID:                  19-009812-0002

Relinquished by:               Patrick Mulcahy

Temp:                                 26.6° C

Serving Size #1:              30g

Sample Results

Potency per 30g                                                                                           Batch: 1907558


Method J AOAC 2015 V98-6

Unit %

Batch 1907400

Analyze 08/16/19 01:53 PM


Limits: Action Levels per OAR-333-007-0400, OAR-333-007-0210, OAR-333-007-0220

Limits(s) of Quantitation (LOQ): The minimum levels, concetrations, or quantitites of a target variable (e.g., target analyte) that can be reported with a specified degree of confidence.

† = Analyte not NELAP accredited.

Units of Measure

g= Gram

mg/30g = Milligram per 30g

% = Percentage of sample

% wt = μg/g divided by 10,000

Laboratory Terpene Quality Control Results

EPA 5035

Batch ID: 306

Method Bank

Laboratory Control Sample

Sample / Sample Duplicate

Sample ID: 19-009812-0001

Laboratory Quality Control Result

J AOAC 2015 V98-6

Batch ID: 1907558

Laboratory Control Sample

Method Bank


ND – None Detected at above MRL

RPD – Relative Percent Difference

LOQ – Limit of Quantitation


Units of Measure:

% – Percent


J AOAC 2015 V98-6

Sample Duplicate

Batch ID: 1907558

Sample ID: 19-009812-0002


ND – None Detected at above MRL

RPD – Relative Percent Difference

LOQ – Limit of Quantitation


Units of Measure:

% – Percent


Explanation of QC Comments:

Test results relate only to the parameters tested and to the samples as received by the laboratory. Test results meet all requirements of NELAP and the Pixis quality assurance plan unless otherwise noted. This report shall not be reproduced, except in full, without the written consent of this laboratory. Samples will be kept a maximum of 15 days from the report date unless prior arrangements have been made.


Testing in accordance with: OAR-333-007-0430

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Lic. #CBD

Certificate of Analysis

Powered by Confident Cannabis

Sample: 1905DBL0343.5139
METRC Sample:

Strain: Vanilla Flavor
Ordered: 05/30/2019; Sampled: 05/30/2019;Completed:06/03/2019

Nirvana CBD Tincture 1000MG Vanilla Flavor

Ingestible, Tincture



∆9-THC + ∆8-THC

1,034.727 mg/unit


1,041.203 mg/unit

Total Cannabinoids



1 Unit = Nirvana CBD Tincture 1000MG Vanilla Flavor; Density = 0.9526 g/mL, 28.5768g

Cannabinoid Profile

Analyzed by 300.18 UHPLC/PDA


Analyzed by 300.13 GC/FID and GC/MS

21.316 mg/unit

Total Terpenes

CBD Tincture Chamomile

The reported result is based on a sample weight with the applicable moisture content for that sample. LOQ = Limit of Quantitation. Pesticide LOQ = Instrument Limit of Quantitation, NA = Not Analyzed. ND = Not Detected. NR = Not Reported. NT = Not Tested. PGR = Plant Growth Regulator. Unless otherwise stated all quality control samples performed within specifications established by the Laboratory. This product has been tested by DB Labs, LLC (MME# 61887736101164525768) using valid testing methodologies and a quality system as required by Nevada state law. Edibles are picked up prior to final packaging unless otherwise stated. Values reported relate only to the product tested. The uncertainty of measurement associated with the measurement result reported in this certificate is available from the organization upon request. DB Labs makes no claims as to the efficacy, safety or other risks associated with any detected or non-detected levels of any compounds reported herein. This Certi􀃗cate shall not be reproduced except in full, without the written approval of DB Labs.

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