As a newcomer to CBD oil, you may dive in to examine your options and get a bit confused. The standard products will give you CBD oil strengths right on the front of the label. For example, our full-spectrum CBD collection at Nirvana is available in 500mg, 1,000mg, and 2,500mg strengths. This number is important for sure, but you also need to understand overall potency, how to determine what constitutes a dose, and more.

In order to have the most beneficial CBD experience, three things matter the most. You must have a high-quality product, you must get the correct strength, and you must find the best CBD dosage for you personally. To give you some clarity, we’ve created this guide to help you along.

What Is CBD Oil Strength and Why Does It Matter?

In the most general terms, CBD oil strength tells you the level of cannabidiol you have in the bottle of CBD oil. So, for example, Nirvana 1,000mg CBD Oil Tincture contains 1,000 mg of CBD. To further understand the strength of the product, you should also take a look at the size of the bottle; in the case of our CBD tincture, the size is 30 milliliters (ML).

Choosing CBD Oil Strength

By understanding CBD oil strengths, you are more equipped to give yourself a logical dose. The strength or potency of the product you buy can further be used to determine approximately how much CBD you get in a drop or a dropper-full.

For instance, the 1,000mg designation is how much CBD is in the complete bottle; not how much CBD you get per dose. Therefore, if you see a 1,000mg label on a 30mL bottle, you would get about 33.34mg of CBD in 1ml or a full dropper. With that understood, a 30ml bottle with 1,000mg of CBD would be more potent than a bottle with the same 1,000mg of CBD but in a larger bottle size, such as 60mL. Essentially the 1,000mg of CBD would be distributed throughout double the amount of liquid, which means each dose would yield half as much CBD.

What’s the Best CBD Oil Strength?

One of the reasons multiple CBD oil strengths are offered is most people are taking CBD for different reasons. For example, some people prefer to take a very small amount of oil to get a higher dose. Basically, if you take a few drops of a higher-strength CBD oil, you may get just as much CBD as someone taking a full dropper of lower-strength CBD.

Finding the best CBD oil strength can also be a matter of why you are taking the product. Some purposes may require a bit stronger CBD dose, while some purposes may require a less potent dose. For example, someone who is using CBD to support muscle recovery may require a more potent dose than an individual who is taking CBD oil simply for general wellness. Therefore, the person taking CBD for muscle recovery may be better suited with a 2,500mg CBD oil than a 500mg CBD oil.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

Currently, there are no well-established studies that lay out how much CBD you should take. The FDA has yet to create an RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) of CBD. However, some general recommendations have been proposed based on the limited studies that have been conducted with CBD for various ailments. A few general pointers to try:

  • Start with a low dose, such as 20 to 40mg daily
  • Monitor the effects of this dose for about a week
  • If you believe you need more, adjust the amount you are taking by about 5mg
  • Repeat the process

How you respond to CBD can be reliant on things like your metabolism, the type of CBD you are taking, and even what time of day you take your dose. Since every person responds differently to CBD and may be taking the cannabinoid for different reasons, finding the best CBD dosage level can be a highly personal thing.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take

Keep in mind that you must align your dose according to the potency of the product you are taking, as mentioned above. Simply deciding to take a dropper full of CBD regardless of the product would not be the best decision. One dropper of Nirvana’s 2,500mg Natural CBD Oil Tincture from a 30ml bottle would yield around 83.33mg of CBD; whereas a 500mg CBD oil in a 30ml bottle only has around 16.6mg per dropper.

Get familiar with the potency of the CBD oil you have and how much CBD would be in each dose before gauging how much or how often to take the product. It may even be a bit easier to start with a less-potent blend to keep your initial doses as low as possible.

Is It Possible to Take Too Much CBD Oil?

A review of the published literature on CBD found that CBD is pretty well tolerated by most humans up to 1,500mg daily. That’s not to say you should just jump right in and start taking such a large dose. Some animal studies have indicated that excessively high doses may be more likely to cause adverse effects to the liver and undesirable side effects.

Generally, side effects of CBD may involve a dry mouth, drowsiness, gastrointestinal upset, or changes in appetite. Taking higher doses could mean more intense side effects. Taking “too much” CBD is a bit of an ambiguous idea with different answers. However, for most people, taking too much CBD could just mean overdoing it and getting really sleepy or a bit nauseated.

You could essentially take a “toxic” level of CBD, but even that would not be considered lethal as it would be with other agents. For reference, a toxic dose is explained as 20,000mg of CBD taken pretty much all at one time, which would be pretty difficult to do. To put that high amount of CBD into perspective, that would involve downing around 20 bottles of 1,000mg CBD in one setting.

Final Thought On CBD Oil Strengths and Finding the Best CBD Dosage

In the end, a good understanding of CBD potency levels, how much CBD to take, and how to find the right dose for you can mean you have the most beneficial experience. Always remember that CBD dosing can be unique for every person. You may do fine with 50mg twice a day, but you may know someone who only needs 20mg every morning.

Nirvana CBD Oil Tinctures

To further ensure you have a good experience with CBD, always look for high-quality products from reliable suppliers that clearly publish lab reports on products. Try Nirvana CBD oil tinctures, which are available in a variety of flavors and 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg CBD strength options.