Working remotely lately? If so, you’re definitely not all alone, at least not metaphorically speaking. Even if you are flying solo, dressed up from the waist-up, on a Zoom meeting at home, other people are in the same boat.

The fact is, the American workforce shifted. A lot of folks are trading in their long commute for long days behind a screen at home. As great as working remotely can be—flexible wardrobe, coffee always within reach, and no over-the-shoulder boss—working from home does come with challenges.

Could CBD and remote work be a wise match? Absolutely. Below is a closer look at why a good dose of CBD oil may be just what you need as you forge through the workday at home.

First, a look at the big remote workforce shift

Working from home once sounded like a foreign concept for a lot of people. Sure, some career paths allowed this coveted position of handling employment-related tasks and even corporate duties in PJs. However, the opportunities were either rare or offered very briefly in extenuating circumstances. Those days have changed.

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When the pandemic landed in 2020, many employers had no choice but to embrace the idea that a lot of the work done at the office could be done by employees at home. These “hybrid” operational models held fast long after, however. By mid-2021, 70 percent of surveyed companies had all intentions of keeping the hybrid work model. Some experts even say that 1 of 4 professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022.

Benefits of CBD When Working from Home

The benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) have gained notoriety over the last few years. This cannabinoid pretty much has rockstar status these days. Not only have relaxed cannabis laws made it possible for scientists to really dig into CBD for research purposes, but those efforts also have not been in vain. The cannabinoid has shown promise for a long list of therapeutic reasons. And, you guessed it, a lot of those therapeutic values are exceptionally valuable for remote workers.

Working from home comes along with a few hard-to-negate drawbacks, even for the most resilient people who prefer remote work. Check out some ways CBD could help you when working from home.

Target the Aches from Long Hours at the Desk

According to medical professionals, one of the biggest risks of working from home is not having the most ergonomic workspace. In fact, the longer someone spends working from home, the more likely it will be they suffer the consequences of an inadequate workspace setup, such as back pain, shoulder tension, and pain in the neck.

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If you do work at home, it’s incredibly important to do what you can to invest in an ergonomic chair, a desk that’s the proper height, and everything you need to stay comfortable. However, if you’re dealing with a stiff neck or achy back, adding something like Nirvana CBD + Curcumin Softgels, CBD gummies, or CBD oil to your daily regimen may help. CBD has been researched for everything from neurological to hard-to-treat pain. The cannabinoid offers properties that soothe inflammation and may affect pain signals, which may help.

Focus Your Mind on the Task at Hand

Work-life and home life hardly mesh for most people. The standard workplace is set up to support the work that goes on within the building; your home does not. It can be really hard to focus when you have dogs barking, a TV running in the distance, or even dirty dishes staring at you from across the kitchen. CBD may be a go-to for this problem as well. A lot of people actually rely on CBD products to support general focus. For example, taking a Nirvana 25mg CBD Gummy before work may help keep your head in the game.

De-stress During a Long, Emotionally-Trying Day

Tending to your mental health when you work remotely is a pretty big deal. According to the American Psychiatric Association, remote workers are at risk of developing depression and other mental health challenges. No matter how obnoxious your co-workers maybe, working from home can isolate you from everyone. It can be a lonely situation. Pair this with the stress of balancing work life and home life, and you do have to be careful.

If you’re feeling especially stressed out and feel the moody blues seeping in, CBD may be something to consider. Some studies have shown the cannabinoid to be effective for uplifting your mood. Plus, the cannabinoid may help with feeling anxious or stressed.

CBD Benefits - Sleep on Schedule

Keep Your Sleep Schedule on Track

People who work from home may even be more at risk of having poor sleeping habits. With the tendency to overwork being a major issue, and work always being right there with you, it can be hard to turn off your brain at bedtime. CBD may also help in this respect. Research has shown that cannabidiol may be useful for certain sleep issues, possibly even helping people stay more awake during wake cycles. So, if you need a little added support, make a habit of taking CBD capsules just before bed.

Is It Time to Make Room for CBD in Your Remote Workday Schedule?

The bottom line is that working from home can come along with unique challenges, and the benefits of CBD may help target some of them. Believe CBD should be part of your at-home workday? Be sure to check out our full collection of broad-spectrum CBD products at Nirvana.

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