What’s with all the woo-woo in the CBD industry?

So if you’ve been on Facebook at all in the past couple of years you’ve probably seen the posts about CBD being a cure-all. 

From the Hun-Bots shilling their Hempworx MLM to the moms group flunkies asking if they can give their kid CBD instead of a vaccine, the internet is awry with misinformation about CBD.

Every day there are posts from misinformed people, many of them with the motive of selling you their product or signing you into the latest MLM scheme. 

Here’s some of the garbage we see on a daily basis:

Yeah, this sounds legit. Are you sure you're just not trying to get people interested in your MLM? This person is on one of friends lists and he's a repeat offender.
Actually, this woman claims that THC oil helped to cure her cancer, not CBD.
No you didn't Mary. Also, if you're loosing 10lbs in 3 weeks you need to go to the doctor, because you're probably dying.

This is the worst one in our opinion. This woman is a medical professional according to her Facebook profile. She’s also a Hun-Bot for Hempworx.

As a medical professional she should end her post with: “but don’t stop your current cancer treatment.” It’s true that CBD isn’t going to “hurt” a cancer patient, but stopping their regular treatment because we, “…need to legalize the cure for cancer” will definitely hurt them, if not kill them faster. 

It’s always the worst when someone in the medical community goes complete hun-bot and disregards their years of training to make a quick buck.

Hopefully her pyramid scheme will implode before she can do any serious damage.

What we see on the internet:


The Woo Is Real

The majority of us laugh (and sometimes cry) when we hear people talking about how their essential oils are curing diseases. We all know essential oils don’t do anything except smell good yet there are millions of people in the world who believe otherwise. With CBD, there is actual science and peer reviewed research that say CBD may help with a variety of ailments. So why all the woo then?

Well, we don’t actually know. We believe that the profit motive and the low barrier to entry in the CBD business leads people and businesses to make extraordinary claims about their products.

Think about it like this: Any idiot with a few thousand bucks can start a CBD company and any idiot a $100 can become a “business owner” via Hempworx or some other CBD pyramid scheme.

The majority of these people don’t have any previous business experience or any scientific knowledge of the products. They just know that CBD is hot right now want to cash in on the craze.

Therefore: We have a bunch woo-woo idiots running around shilling CBD products, without taking the time to read and understand the scientific literature that exists.

But Nirvana Sells CBD! You Just Want People to Buy Your Stuff!

OK so here’s a disclaimer: Nirvana is a CBD company. We want to sell CBD and we want everyone to buy our CBD. What we won’t do is mislead people into thinking CBD is going to cure their cancer or cure whatever ailment a person has.

Here is some peer reviewed, scientific literature about CBD:

CBD is an amazing thing and it’s just now getting the research it deserves. We’re certain that we have a lot more to learn about the benefits CBD but it’s definitely too early to abandon traditional treatments and disregard the advice of your doctor.

If you or someone you love is considering stopping their doctor prescribed medical treatment to take CBD, grab them by the shoulders and shake them violently until they come to their senses. No, just kidding, don’t use violence, but do try to help them understand why they should listen to their doctor and not random people on the internet. 

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