Looking for a quick-and-easy way to get in your daily dose of CBD? If so, CBD shots may be just what deserves a place in your everyday regimen. These small “shots” are essentially little flavored drinks that have been infused with cannabidiol (CBD). CBD has made quite a name for itself as a hemp-derived, non-intoxicating cannabinoid that may help with everything from racing thoughts to problems with sleep. Because of that fact, there’s no shortage of ways to work CBD into your everyday routine.

While taking CBD oils and tinctures or using CBD topicals for targeted relief are ever-popular CBD-use methods, the CBD shot is definitely worthy of your attention just the same. Let’s get to know CBD shots, what they are, why people love them, and why you may want to take a closer look.

Why Choose CBD Shots

With so many choice-worthy CBD products available, like CBD oil and CBD gummies, why would you opt for a CBD shot instead? While every type of CBD product has its desirable attributes, CBD shots really do offer a noteworthy experience and the CBD shots benefits are hard to miss.

Get your CBD in a premeasured dose

CBD shots give you a precise amount of cannabidiol in one single-use shot. No measuring, no guessing, and no pouring—you simply down your shot and you’re good to go. For people with an active lifestyle that prefer to grab their CBD on the run, CBD shots can be extremely convenient. However, CBD shots are also ideal for people who are just starting to experiment with the cannabinoid and want a precise dose. When you know exactly how much CBD you’re consuming, adjusting your dose according to experience is so much easier.

CBD Shots Premeasured Dose

Take advantage of sustained effects

The bioavailability of CBD and how long you feel the effects differ depending on how you consume the cannabinoid. With CBD shots, you are simply ingesting your dose of CBD in a drink form. Therefore, you can expect to see an onset of effects at about an hour or so; the effects tend to settle in gently because the cannabinoid is processed by the digestive system. Also, because the CBD takes longer to get into your bloodstream, some people report feeling longer-lasting CBD shots effects.

Enjoy added flavors beyond CBD

The general flavor of CBD is a bit earthy or even a little grassy—after all, it is pulled from a plant. Of course, if you’re picking up something like Nirvana’s CBD Oil in Grapefruit flavor or something similar, you won’t taste as much of that natural flavor. Not everyone enjoys the natural taste of CBD, and CBD shots give you a way to get your CBD in a flavor you actually enjoy.

How to Take CBD Shots

CBD shots are specifically made, well, like shots. You simply pop off the cap, tip up the bottle, and swallow down the liquid much like you would a shot of anything else. Before taking a full shot, always check out the label to make sure you know exactly what you are getting. For example, the Nirvana CBD shot contains 33mg of broad-spectrum CBD. You can always consume more than one shot throughout the day if you need to adjust your dose.

What Are the Effects of CBD Shots?

The effect of CBD shots is similar to what you would expect with other CBD products. CBD shots can yield different effects depending on several factors, such as:

  • Your body chemistry
  • The type of CBD (broad-spectrum, CBD isolate, etc.)
  • When you take the CBD

Every user can have their own personalized experience with CBD in any form. Nevertheless, CBD benefits are widely known. So, using a CBD shot may give you several desirable effects.

According to the National Center for Health Research, some benefits of CBD may include:

  • May help to manage pain or discomfort
  • Could help you feel calm and less anxious
  • May help you relax and achieve more restful sleep

CBD Shots for Relaxation

Because CBD is thought to offer varied benefits, people use CBD shots for all kinds of reasons. Some people use CBD to help them feel more comfortable after a grueling workout, others may use CBD to help them focus at work, and some may use CBD to get their day off to a good start.

When to Use CBD Shots

The beauty of CBD shots is they are just the right size for a quick on-the-go dose of CBD. Simply pop open the cap and drink the fluid before a workout, on your way out for the day, or before bed when you’re ready to chill out and unwind.

Nirvana CBD shots are formulated in a list of tasty flavors that can suit different times of the day or typical situations:

  • Grapefruit CBD Shot – Excellent refreshing pick-me-up on a hot day or after a workout
  • Peppermint CBD Shot – Perfect for a pop of freshness mid-day when your energy levels are dipping
  • Vanilla CBD Shot – Ideal for soothing sweetness after a long day or getting the day off to a smooth start
  • Strawberry CBD Shot – Awesome sweet-tooth satisfier when you need that zip of something extra

Everyone has their own reasons for using a CBD shot, and that reason can define when to use the shot. For example, an athlete who uses CBD for helping with muscle recovery or to unwind at night may drink their CBD shot at the end of the day. However, an individual who uses CBD to curb stress or anxious thoughts may prefer to take a CBD shot early in the day or before a stressful situation.

Ready to Try CBD Shots? Buy from a Reputable Vendor

The more you know about CBD shots, the easier it is to make an informed purchase decision about which products can deliver the effects you want. No matter what, always buy CBD shots from a reputable vendor that is transparent about the ingredients in their products and uses only third-party lab testing to verify those ingredients.

Nirvana’s CBD shots offer just that—transparent ingredients with tested quality. Pick up just one 33mg CBD shot in a choice of Vanilla, Strawberry, Peppermint, or Strawberry, or pick up a 4-pack of our broad-spectrum CBD shots to try all the flavors available.