Not getting enough Zzzs? You’re definitely not alone with your lack-of-sleep woes. Even though most people need a good seven hours of sleep every night, some estimates claim that over a third of American adults don’t get it. Even worse, a lot of people struggle with all-out sleep disorders—up to 30 percent of adults deal with chronic insomnia. And, it’s no secret that sleep is a huge deal when it comes to both physical and emotional well-being.

Question is, how can you get more sleep? You could turn to over-the-counter sleep aids or talk to your doctor. However, the fact is there are some pretty convincing natural sleep aids that may work just as well. Let’s take a closer look at natural sleep aids and the best natural options to help you get some peaceful slumber.

What is considered to be a natural sleep aid?

Even though the “natural” tag can mean different things to different people, natural sleep aids are generally perceived as over-the-counter products to help you sleep. Instead of synthetic chemicals, however, these products are derived from plants or something the body already produces or a vitamin or mineral that may already be part of your dietary intake.

The 7 Best Natural Sleep Aids

1. Cannabidiol (CBD)

If you want to achieve better sleep, reaching for those CBD gummies may do the trick. One of the CBD benefits most widely discussed is its ability to support sleep. CBD is a cannabinoid derived from cannabis (including hemp), the effects of CBD are not intoxicating, and the cannabinoid has a number of properties that could be important to getting better rest.

cbd natural sleep aids

Many of the benefits of CBD could help you get good sleep, such as:

Preliminary research conducted in 2017 revealed that CBD may even be a therapeutic option for people who struggle with certain kinds of sleep disorders. While the research is just getting started, most people describe CBD effects to be overall relaxing, which in itself can be enough to help some people fall asleep a bit faster.

2. Melatonin

The human body produces melatonin, which is a hormone partially responsible for regulating sleep patterns. Even though your body is supposed to supply enough melatonin to keep your sleep cycles on track, everyday habits can actually inhibit melatonin production. Therefore, melatonin supplementation is considered a natural way to balance sleep issues. Melatonin is probably the second most popular natural sleep aid beyond CBD oil today. And, some products contain a combination of CBD and melatonin for even greater natural sleep support. For example, Nirvana Sleep CBD Capsules offer both natural ingredients.

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3. German Chamomile

With evidence of use dating all the way back to ancient Egyptian times, German chamomile has long been recognized as a natural sleep aid. Chamomile actually offers a number of benefits that can support the body in ways that could influence how well you sleep. For example, this particular flower is thought to be good for things like anxiety and gastrointestinal distress, both of which can get in the way of a good night of sleep. So, if you are struggling with sleep, a warm cup of chamomile tea may do the trick.

4. Valerian Root

Valerian is a plant with a funky smell but profound therapeutic properties, one of which is sleep support. In one study, study participants were 80 percent more likely to report improved sleep while taking valerian compared to a placebo. Luckily, you can get past the gym-sock smell of valerian root by opting for capsules.

5. Passionflower

One natural herb for sleep that is actually a native plant, passionflower, has been known as a sleep aid for centuries. Even though research into the idea is limited, the extracts of the passionflower vine may have some sedative properties and potentially improve sleep quality. Passionflower extract is easy to find in capsules and tinctures specifically formulated for sleep support.

passionflower natural sleep aids

6. Lavender

Lavender oil is found in a lot of products meant to encourage relaxation, and this is for good reason. The fragrant herb has been shown to potentially improve the quality of sleep because of its soothing properties. Lavender is commonly touted for its ability to help calm people down and even deal with issues like anxiety or stress. The best way to use lavender as one of the natural sleep aids is by adding a few drops of quality essential oil to a basic diffuser in your bedroom.

7. Hops

Ever heard someone say a cold beer helps them fall asleep and stay asleep? There may be more to this proclamation than meets the eye. Hops—a key ingredient in beer—may actually help balance the circadian rhythm. Of course, if you want to skip the alcohol, which can be bad for your sleep cycles in large volumes, you can actually find hops in supplement form.

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Find Natural Sleep Support at Nirvana

When it comes to getting better sleep, there truly are a lot of natural routes to take, and CBD may be just the natural path to sleep you need. Looking for broad-spectrum CBD products with no THC involved? Be sure to take a look at our collection of CBD capsules, CBD gummies, and CBD oil at Nirvana.

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