Ambassador Program Introduction

In 2018, products containing CBD generated $390 million in U.S. sales — a figure predicted by New Frontier Data to reach $1.3 billion in just a couple years. In addition, Rolling Stone estimated that the CBD market has the potential to skyrocket to $22 Billion by 2022. Not only that, but Forbes magazine projected the CBD Industry will likely reach over $2 billion in the next year.

Clearly, we are witnessing history in the making as ambitious entrepreneurs share their enthusiasm about CBD, as if commerce itself has been awakened. Taking the statistics into account, this means that the Hemp CBD Market is on pace to triple in size and value in a very short amount of time. From this, it is obvious how there are endless opportunities to be found within this modern emerging industry.

Nirvana CBD™ wants to offer you a chance to join in the excitement by becoming a Brand Ambassador and a member of the Nirvana Family.

What are the responsibilities involved with being a Brand Ambassador for Nirvana CBD? A good question indeed, which deserves a straightforward answer. Check our Ambassador FAQ to find all the information you need to know.

By becoming an Ambassador, you can start your own business — whether to just earn some extra income or to begin an entirely new career, our Ambassador Program can provide these options for you.

Ultimately, we want to give our Ambassadors the tools to create something amazing simply because we want Nirvana CBD to symbolize something that brings people together, helping them express who they are. Join us today!

Want to Become a Nirvana CBD Ambassador?

STEP #1: SIGN-UP by answering 4 to 5 general questions about yourself

STEP #2: AMBASSADOR BOX PURCHASE is making a wise investment 

STEP #3: SELL & SHARE the benefits offered by the Ambassador Box  

After signing up and purchasing the box, you can become an Ambassador for Nirvana. Ambassador Box benefits includes every single product offered by Nirvana CBD & more.

Without the Ambassador benefits, retail cost equals $875

Therefore, Ambassador benefits saves consumers $375

Sell the most popular CBD brand to your friends & family to nearly double your investment. 

Click “Get More Info” below & Sign Up today!


Ambassador Program

To create another avenue of revenue for yourself by selling Nirvana CBD products. By using your own personal and professional network of family and friends, you are able to begin building income, while also generating awareness about health and wellness solutions.

When purchasing our Ambassador Box, Nirvana will provide you with the proper tools to make a minor investment for producing a major payoff. Furthermore, as an Ambassador, you will be granted special access to learn more about the brand.

Nirvana CBD has a wide variety of product options: Tinctures, Edibles/Gummies, Topicals/Lotions, Capsules. All of Nirvana CBD products are pharmacist formulated, lab tested by a third party and 100% organically grown with zero THC.

Our products are grown in Colorado and manufactured in California with the primary goal of providing our customers with an option for Natural Relaxation — Stress Less, Relax More Naturally.

The appropriate candidates would be those who are hoping to make additional income or a possible career change. Not to mention, anyone who is truly passionate about Nirvana CBD and our vision, as well as anyone who is serious about becoming apart of the Nirvana Family.

As an Ambassador, you will be tasked with generating sales revenue for yourself while also promoting brand awareness. Representing Nirvana CBD in a positive light in a variety of settings can be accomplished by word-of-mouth marketing, highlighting the brand via social media or possibly participating in event marketing. Either way, being an Ambassador for Nirvana will grant you special access to learn more about the brand. Lastly, you determine your own level of involvement as a member of the Nirvana Family.

Ambassadors for Nirvana CBD only need to first purchase the cost of our Ambassador Box, which is roughly $500. However, the contents included as a part of of the Ambassador Box, the actual amount of money saved is quite substantial. It is worth mentioning how the overall profit of selling all products included in the Ambassador Box could possibly double your investment.

Just like any other position in Sales, the amount of money you could earn is based on the amount of time and effort that is put into this opportunity. Therefore, you are not required to sell all the products.

For example, if you purchase an Ambassador Box for $500, you can choose to sell half of the product inventory from the box and immediately earn your money back. However, if you purchase the Ambassador Box and sell all of the products, you will nearly double your initial investment.

Direct access to the Nirvana CBD brand and special treatment from joining our family are undoubtedly advantageous. Purchasing the Ambassador Box saves our most ambitious consumers over $300.

In addition, you will receive Official Nirvana CBD Literature, which is a brand folder filled with educational pamphlets and brochures. Not to mention, if you’d like to have business cards for your Ambassador status, this can be arranged.

Also, Ambassadors will be given some Official Nirvana CBD swag, like Tshirts, Sunglasses, Stickers, etc.

Not necessarily. As much as Nirvana wants you to be successful with sales, we also stress major significance on education. So, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of any circumstances that will likely arise where you have the chance to educate and enlighten others.

Ambassadors may also be responsible for assisting the brand by providing feedback and insight about any new products and services we launch. There is also potential opportunities revolving around participation in event marketing and special training sessions. The versatility of an Ambassador’s position is limitless, making a valuable addition to any team.

Yes . Once reaching $600 in earnings, you will be asked to fill out a W-9 Form. Your earnings will be paid to you from then-forward as an independent contractor. You will receive a 1099 Form at the beginning of each calendar year that will report the total compensation you received. Thus, you are responsible for any tax obligations on your earnings.

Of course, it is highly encouraged, yet not necessarily required. As a Nirvana CBD™ Ambassador, not only are you a part of the Nirvana Family, you also represent the brand as a direct sales associate. Therefore, we request that you create a post containing Nirvana CBD content at least 2 times per month — remember you’re not limited to only two posts per month, you can post as much as you like, free to choose your preferred social media platform.

We recommend posting Nirvana related content on Instagram. However, if you prefer to use another platform to share positive messages, you can always access the other most popular social media sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, reddit, etc.

Being under the age of 18 would not be compatible with our Terms & Conditions.
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