When it comes to CBD consumption methods, CBD softgels are definitely one of the most popular but is this method right for you? Here are 7 reasons CBD softgels may be right for you.

No doubt about it, CBD (cannabidiol) is most likely a hemp product that is here for the long haul. The latest research says that 1 in 3 adults have used CBD at least once. Plus, 22 percent of CBD users have traded in or reduced their reliance on pharmaceuticals or over-the-counter remedies with CBD.

With everyone from pro athletes to simply curious consumers turning to CBD daily, the CBD-infused product lineup continues to grow. Edibles, oils, tinctures, patches, creams, CBD shots—you can find so many great ways to get this cannabinoid into your life. Yet, one of the most popular CBD products remains to be CBD softgels. Could CBD softgels be right for you? Here are a few reasons why that may be the case.

1. Convenience

The biggest reason people opt for CBD softgels over other forms of CBD is convenience. With softgels, you get your predetermined, precise dose of CBD in an easy-to-consume form. You could easily add your CBD dose to your daily pill and supplement organizer or carry your softgels with you on the go to take as-needed.

2. Ease of Use

CBD softgels are exceptionally easy to use. Simply place softgels on your tongue and swallow them down with a sip of water. By contrast, CBD oil may take a minute to get your dose into the dropper, CBD gummies require chewing and swallowing, and CBD topicals obviously require applying a product to your skin.

While all unique CBD products like topicals and edibles can have their own advantages and are worth the effort, CBD softgels do tend to be easier to use. For people who are new to CBD use, softgels can offer a more comfortable, familiar method of consumption.

3. Accurate Dosing

Finding the correct dose of CBD can be a highly personalized effort. Most researchers agree that there is not really a universal CBD dose that works for everyone because of variances in how the body breaks down the cannabinoid. The general guideline is to start with a low dose and take more or adjust as needed to achieve the most desirable effects.

Finding the most precise dose is much easier with CBD softgels than other types of CBD. For example, if you want to start with 50mg of CBD daily, you could take two Nirvana CBD Softgels, which are 25mg of CBD each. If you need more CBD, you could easily consume another 25mg to adjust your dosage. With oils and tinctures, achieving such a precise dose is not always plausible.

4. Bioavailability

Nirvana CBD Soft Gels are specifically formulated to ensure you get the highest bioavailability of the cannabinoid contents. We use nanoemulsion formulation processes, so the phytocannabinoid particles inside each softgel are broken down into microscopic particles. Microscopic particles are far easier for your body to absorb once the outer gel capsule dissolves in your digestive tract.

As an adage, our softgels are created from bovine gelatin, which is more readily broken down by the body. In the end, this unique formulation means rapid delivery of the softgel contents, and more of the CBD gets absorbed and utilized.

5. Hermetically Sealed Softgels Ensures Purity

Hermetic sealing involves creating an airtight seal that will not allow oxygen or gases to get through. Each Nirvana CBD Soft Gel is hermetically sealed during production, which means you get an uncontaminated, high-quality product with every dose. The airtight seal protects the internal phytocannabinoids from undue exposure to oxygen and other contaminants that could compromise their quality.

6. Discreet Use

CBD is legal, non-intoxicating, and growing to be a highly accepted norm. Nevertheless, some people prefer to keep their CBD use to themselves or don’t necessarily want everyone to know when they take their dose. CBD softgels are incredibly discreet; they look just like any other supplement when taken out of their package. And, you can get your dose down quickly.

7. No Aftertaste

Even though Nirvana CBD Oil Tincture is available in palatable flavors like peppermint, vanilla, and strawberry, some CBD users do prefer softgels over tinctures so they can take their CBD with no aftertaste at all. CBD softgels allow you to simply swallow your dose without tasting anything at all. If you are especially sensitive to the earthy, sometimes plant-like flavor of CBD, CBD softgels do yield an easier to consume option—no aftertaste at all.

Enhance Your Health Routine with Our Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels

Whether you’re totally new to CBD or an experienced fan, CBD softgels have a lot of perks. At Nirvana CBD, we offer three unique CBD softgel formulations:

As with all of our CBD products, our CBD softgels contain phytocannabinoid-rich, broad-spectrum CBD with no THC. Ready to try our CBD softgels for yourself? Remember, we have 2-count travel or trial packets of each of our formulations that are just right for newcomers!

Thanks for joining us for our latest guide. Did you find out if CBD softgels are right for you? Share your thoughts in the comments; we’d love to hear from you!

The information contained in this article is not intended to serve as a substitute for advice or guidance from a certified doctor or lawyer. Before trying Cannabidiol (CBD) or purchasing any CBD product, you should always conduct your own research and consult with your doctor. While CBD was classified as “generally well tolerated with a good safely profile” by the World Health Organization (WHO), further research is needed in order to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of CBD on a generalized basis.

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